Authenticated Memories

Authenticated Memories of Past Lives

In the middle of the 20th century, knowledge about reincarnation entered an entirely new phase with the pioneering research of Dr. Ian Stevenson, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Virginia, on people, especially children, who claimed to remember their previous lives. While there have many such claims in past centuries, this was probably the first time that investigations into the claims were accorded with such scientific rigor as was possible with this kind of a subject.

Stevenson himself investigated more than 2,500 cases although he received a far larger number of reports from various parts of the world. His findings have been reported in many books (see Bibliography in this site) that he authored. His work have received the support of many other researchers, such as Erlendur Haraldsson, Antonia Mills, Howard Keil, Jim Tucker, Satwant Pasricha, Godwin Samararatne, and others.

The following are some of the published investigated cases of the researchers that are summarized in this website. Cases will be added in the future.

Shanti Devi (India)

James Leininger (United States)

Cases will be found in the following books and journal articles:


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  1. Vic Hao Chin says:

    Based on the researches done in the past more than half a century, there is very strong evidence of the validity of the hypothesis of reincarnation. The physicist Doris Kuhlmann-Wilsdorf stated that “the statistical probability that reincarnation does in fact occur is so overwhelming . . . that cumulatively the evidence is not inferior to that for most if not all branches of science.”