One of the most remarkable outcomes of the researches of Dr. Ian Stevenson is the confirmation that certain congenital birthmarks of a child match the features or the mode of death of the previous life. Thus a child who remembered that she was run over by a train where her right leg was amputated, was born with congenital absence of the lower part of her leg.

There were so many cases of these that Stevenson wrote a separate book on this topic alone entitled Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect, with detailed discussion of cases including photographs. A summary of his findings was published the Journal of Scientific Exploration and can be read online. Click here to read the full article.

birthmark3 A congenital absence of lower part of leg of a girl in Burma who remembered that she was run over by a train in the previous life and her right lower leg was amputated.
birthmark2 A boy in India remembered that he accidentally inserted his fingers into the fodder-chopping machine in a previous life. He was born with an unusual absence of his fingers.
birthmark11 A Turkish boy who remembered having been shot by a shotgun at close range on his right ear was born with an absence of the right ear.


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